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Created 3-Apr-13
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Monkey photos from the wild in Africa.
Mother & Child, Olive Savanna Baboon, Amboseli, Kenya, East AfriWet Vervet Monkey, Amboseli, Kenya, East AfricaBlue Monkey (Reclining), Lake Manyara. Tanzania, East AfricaBaboon Family, Olive Savanna Baboon, Lake Manyara, Tanzania, EasBaboon Eyes, Olive Baboon, Lake Manyara, Tanzania, East AfricaBlue Monkey (3), Lake Manyara, Tanzania, East AfricaYoung Baboon Eating Leaf, Olive Savanna Baboon, Tarangire, TanzaYoung Baboon, Savanna Olive Baboon, Tarangire, Tanzania, East AfYoung Baboon on Acacia Tree, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, East ATwo Wary Baboons, Savanna Olive Baboons, Tarangire, Tanzania, EaBlue Monkey (2), Lake Manyara, Tanzania, East AfricaBlue Monkey Portrait, Lake manyara, Tanzania, East AfricaVervet Monkey, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, East AfricaBaboon Family, Chobe, BotswanaChild Grooming, Chobe BotswanaYoung Vervet Monkey, Chobe, Botswana

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